Why Choose Us for Supplier

Tianjin Bluekin Industries Limited, testing by the global market over more than 10 years, already became a stronger and more competitive international company. Even in the course of the 2008 global economy recession, we still survived. Here below is why you choose Bluekin as your supplier:

1. Abundant Experiences

Bluekin was a little factory in Tianjin, China 10 years ago. We worked together with our workers to research and develop high – quality products. And now, our iron nails enjoys great popularity at the home and abroad. Besides, Bluekin made cooperation with other factories to co-research hardware. Until now, wire mesh, fence post, steel strap, glass block are also our main products. We are absolutely competitive in the global.

2. Relatively lower price, but higher quality

As i said before, Bluekin has their own production line. And over more than 10 years researching, we could produce good quality hardwares or the D.I.Y. products to meet your demands. Bluekin has long-term business relationships with Primes Source, JZW and other clients form the U.S., Canada, Mid-east country etc. Bluekin is quite trustworthy both in Price and Quality.

3. Perfect Logistics System

Bluekin has more than 5 Freight forwarding companies to cooperate. You will get the best service from us. We could send your goods timely and accurately.


Post time: Apr-20-2018
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