Razor Wire

Razor wire, also called concertina wire, razor wire fence, it is a type of security fences, which is widely used in the residences, airport, prison, military sites and other places where needs high security.

Razor wire is made of high quality steel wire sheet to be punched into razor tape with sharp blade, the blade shape has various for choice. Then the razor tape will cover a line of high quality steel wire, which can be hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel wire. Thus, it forms the razor wire.

Razor wire can be divided into different types according to the different structure. You can see the below introduction and know more about them for your choice.



Concertina Razor Wire

Concertina razor wire with single or double spiral can be used individually or combined with wire mesh fence panels for airport, prison, military site security.


Flat Razor Wire

Flat razor wire with welded or flatted types is an alternative the concertina razor wire to protect airport, factory and residences.


Straight Razor Wire

Straight razor wire fence can be welded into fence panels for security of residences, prison, airport and military sites.

Post time: Apr-17-2019
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