How To Produce Black Annealed Wire?

Black annealed iron wire is made by Q195 low carbon steel wire .

Main process is wire drawing , acid washing , annealing , coiling and packing .

Mainly used in construction , hando craft , woven wire mesh , express way fencing mesh , packaging of products and

other daily uses .  

There are two kinds of drawing machine: powder drawing and water drawing. powder drawing is fit for junior drawing

(6.5mm~4.0mm). One powder drawing machine has 4 tanks and 4 molds. One tank is matched with a mold. Each of

them are offered energy by a electromotor. 0.9mm(max)can be “eat” when the wire cross a mold. There are no loss of

weight during drawing. Anneal is to low the tensile strength of wire . The stove is solid and built with red bricks. The

architecture of anneal stove is cuboid . Different thickness of wire require different temperature . Range is from 700℃to

900℃ . Output of the anneal stove , the tensile strength is 400N~500N . Throuth packing coil to 1-800kgs per roll, perfect 

packing as woven bag, paper box or as client request. 


Post time: Apr-26-2018
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