Hog Wire Fence Panels Protect Livestock or Decorate Garden

Hog wire fence with smooth galvanized finish surface (no sharp burrs) and narrower vertical spacing at the bottom and wider spacing at the top, is perfect material for livestock pen, such as for pig, goat, sheep or other large animals. Rigid welded hog wire panels give your livestock a clean and safe enclosure. Further more, this type feedlot wire panel won’t break down or collapse when cattle, pigs, sheep or livestock run into or rub against it.

Welded wire hog panels may also be used for landscape, such as, with wood/steel frame for pool fence, railing fill mesh, garden fence, or acts as a trellis for climbing plants grown. The smaller mesh at bottom can keep your neighbor dog out.

Welded hog wire panel fence description:

  • Materials: galvanised wire, galvanised before welding.
  • Wire thickness: 4 gauge & 1/4″ rod.
  • Panel length: 16 feet.
  • Panel height: 34 inch for livestock, 48 inch for landscape.
  • Package: 50 pcs/bundle.
1: Welded hog wire fence panel with narrower spacing at the bottom for pig protection.
                                                                       Welded hog wire panels specification
Item Wire Gauge Length (ft.) Height (in.) No. Of Vertical Wire No. Of Horizontal wire Vertical Wire Spacing (in.) Horizontal wire Spacing (in.) Panels per Bundle (pcs) Application
1 1/4″ rod 16 34 25 11 8 4×2″, 2×3″, 1×4″, 2×5″, 1×6″ 50 for livestock or landscape
2 4 gauge 16 34 25 11 8 4×2″, 2×3″, 1×4″, 2×5″, 1×6″ 50 for livestock or landscape
3 1/4″ rod 16 34 25 11 8 5×2″, 3×4″, 2×6″ 50 for livestock or landscape
4 4 gauge 16 34 25 11 8 5×2″, 3×4″, 2×6″ 50 for livestock or landscape
5 1/4″ rod 16 48 49 13 4 4 50 for landscape
6 4 gauge 16 48 49 13 4 4 50 for landscape
Note: Horizontal wire spacing is from bottom to top. Other specifications are available on special order.

Welded Hog wire fence features:

  • Pros:
    • Thick zinc coating, anti-rust, ant-corrosion.
    • Smooth surface and smooth welded joints no-burr, can not hurt your livestock.
    • Solid welded together, durable and strong.
    • Resistant to break down and collapse from livestock rubbing against it.
    • Preserves the view, creates an sense of open space.
    • Keeps out larger animals such as dogs and deer.
    • Welded wire panel is easy for installing and handling. Bolt cutter for cutting the panels.
    • Hog wire fence is easy to erect, no stretching.
    • Virtually maintenance free.
    • Inexpensive – less than a wood fence.
  • Cons:
    • Edges can be sharp, and must be covered with trim.
    • Does not provide privacy.
    • Does not deter smaller pests.


hog-wire-fence-pigs                  hog-wire-panel-railing

2: Hog wire fence panels and wood posts for pig pen.                                3: Hog wire fence panels for staircase railing or deck railing, the wire seems to disappear.

hog-wire-wooden-fence                  hog-wire-yard-fence

4: Hog wire fence may used for flat area or sloping.                                    5: Hog wire fence for garden fence and gates.

Hog wire fence application: Hog wire fence panels are perfect for pig pens, corrals, feedlots, arenas and other use as the following:

  • Hog wire panels for garden fencing, smaller mesh at bottom to keep out critters, and the wire seems to disappear.
  • Hog wire panels complete with metal/wood post for house fence.
  • For balcony deck railing design.
  • Hog wire fencing with steel/wooden frame for pool fence design.
  • Hog wire fencing trellis structure for vines, jasmine, clematis grown, climbing roses also can be tied against the wire.
  • For hay stack protection.
  • For dog play pen fence construction, give dog a play area without hindering the view of surrounding landscape.


Post time: Apr-29-2019
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