Low carbon steel mild steel AWS A5.18 E6013 rutile sand coated electrode welding rod

Short Description:

  • Length: 300mm-500mm, 300mm-500mm
  • Diameter: 2.0mm-4.0mm
  • Material: Steel Alloy
  • MOQ: 5TONS
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    We has devoting ourselves to producing and trading for 10 years,eatablishing a good relationship with the company of US,Canada,Mid easten and so on.

    Product Details:
    Product name Trade Assurance electrode 6013 7016 6010 6011 welding rod
    Size: 2.5/300mm, 3.2/350mm, 4.0/400mm, 5.0/400mm
    Packing: 2.5kg/box, 5kg/box, 20kg/carton.
    Chemical Composition (%) Mn≤1.20, Si≤1.00, S≤0.035, P≤0.040, Ni≤0.30, Cr≤0.20,          Mo≤0.30, V≤0.08
    Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal Rm (N/mm2)≥430, Rel (N/mm2)≥330, A (%)≥16, KV2(J) 0℃≥47
    Reference Current (A) Φ2.5/50~90, Φ3.2/90~130, Φ4.0/130~210,Φ5.0/170~230


    E6013 is the carbon steel electrode with titanium oxide coating has good welding process performance, AC and DC dual-purpose, stable arc, easy re arc striking, free strip transportation, good slag removal, small spatter, fine and beautiful weld joint, all kinds of welding positions can obtain satisfactory welding effect, with certain mechanical strength, plasticity and impact toughness.


    it is used to weld the upper plate of ship made of ordinary strength marine steel. It is especially suitable for discontinuous welding of small sheet metal parts and short welds and cover welding with smooth surface.

     Packaging :

    Size: 2.5MM X 300MM (Packing: 2.5kg/inner boxes 8boxes/cartons=20kg)

    Size: 3.2MM X 350MM (Packing: 5.0kg/inner boxes 4boxes/cartons=20kg)

    Size: 4.0MM X 400MM (Packing: 5.0kg/inner boxes 4boxes/cartons=20kg)welding-rod


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