high strength800mmx50m field / 8′ high woven wire deer/8 ft farm fence

Short Description:

  • Type: field fence
  • Wire Gauge: 70-200#
  • Edge wire diametre: 2.0mm-3.2mm
  • Height: 0.8-2.0m or as your demand
  • Product Detail

      Woven wire cattle fence

    Woven wire cattle fence, also called field fence, cattle fence. It is a type of isolation and enclosure fence which is made of hot dipped galvanized steel wire or electric galvanized steel wires. The galvanized steel wires are woven knots at each intersection, which can provide high security to various livestock, such as cattle, horse, deer, hog and other animals. According to different standard, the woven wire cattle fence can be divided into different types:

    • According to material.
    • According to the knots type.
      • Hinge joint cattle fence. Hinge joint cattle fence is the most widely used type, which twisted the wire onto each interaction to improve the tensile strength of the cattle fence.
      • Fixed knot cattle fence. The fixed knot cattle fence is designed with a third wire to tie the continuous vertical and horizontal wires together. The fixed knot can keep vertical and horizontal wires in place and improve the stability.
      • Square knot cattle fence. Square knot gives an extra vertical strength to withstand impact from large animals. It is ideal for rearing horse, cattle and other animals.
      • V mesh. The wires are run on a diagonal and wrapped around each of the horizontal wires to form a series of diamond weave pattern.

    woven-cattle-fence-hinge-knot         woven-cattle-fence-square-knot

    Hinge joint type cattle fence.                                                                         Square joint type cattle fence.

    woven-cattle-fence-v-mesh         woven-cattle-fence-fixed-knot

    V mesh type cattle fence.                                                                              Fixed joint type cattle fence.

    Specifications of woven wire cattle fence

    • Material: high tensile steel wire or low carbon steel wire.
    • Surface treatment: electric galvanized or hot dipped galvanized.
    • Top and bottom wire diameter: 2.0 mm – 3.5 mm.
    • Inner wire diameter: 1.8 mm – 2.5 mm.
    • Vertical stay spacing: 15 cm or 30 cm.
    • Mesh size:
      • Vertical: 150 mm, 140 mm, 130 mm, 110 mm, 100 mm, 80 mm, 60 mm.
      • Horizontal: 150 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, 650 mm.
    • Length: 30 m – 100 m.

    Features of woven wire cattle fence

    • No welding point. It will not loose when cut the fences into pieces.
    • Good corrosion and rust resistance.
    • High strength to resist the high impact from animals.
    • Smooth surface will not hurt the animals.
    • Closer meshes at the bottom can prevent kid animals from crawling out.
    • Weather resistance for durable and long service life.

    Applications of woven wire cattle fence

    Woven wire cattle fence is widely used in farm and loafing areas for rearing cattle, horse, hog, chicken and other animals or poultry.

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