2-1/2-Inch x .092-Inch 15-Degree Collated Wire Coil Full Round Head Ring Shank Coil Nail

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  • Size and Quantity – Measures 2-1/2 in. in length by 0.092 in. in diameter and comes in a 3600 pack.
  • Structural Features – Full RoundHead and Ring Shank.
  • Material – HDG Steel.
  • Corrosion Protection – Hot dipped galvanized fiber cement material offers superior corrosion protection in all pressure treated lumber.
  • Application – Wire collated nails are used for rough nailing of lathing and sheathing materials.

Coil nails are a revolutionary product in the wood industry.
This kind of collated Nails are used in siding, sheathing, fencing, subfloor, roof decking exterior deck and trim and some other

woodworking.The traditional method of using nails manually involves a lot of manual labor
which are reduced substantially using the coil nails with pneumatic guns.The use of coil nails with pneumatic gun increases the productivity 6-8 folds thus reducing the labor cost substantially.
The anti-rust rust coating increases the life of the nails thereby improving the quality of finished goods
∗ All type of coil nail are available in Smooth (FC), Screw (FS) and Ring Shank (FR), Bright or Galvanized.
∗ Application on :
• Wooden Packaging, Construction of Pallets,
Cases and Window Crates.
• Window and door frames.
• Panel sheathing and fencing.
∗ Nail Point : Diamond, Blunt Diamond, Blunt Chisel & Total Blunt

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  • Packing: 120pcs/coil, 60 coils/carton, 48 cartons/pallet
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